ForHim Birmans - "...whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.: 1Cor 10:31
ForHim Birmans Pricing and Policy

We are a small cattery. We have 2 females who have kittens,
 once or twice yearly, depending on the size of their litter, their cycle and condition. As a female kitten enters her breeding year, an older girl is spayed and petted out. The girls have the run of the house

We keep no more then two males at a time. They are usually confined in the cattery. However, my two current boys do not spray and get along so they have the run of the house or are in my spacious office alternating with the girls. 

Our kittens born in 2018 are $950. There is a second kitten discount of $100. 

We do not let our kittens go before they are 3-4 months old. We do not ship. If feasible we will meet a purchaser half way to deliver the kitten. 

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