ForHim Birmans - "...whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.: 1Cor 10:31
About Us
We are a very small breeder whose kittens are raised under foot and in our beds!
Grumman in basket
Kathleen was a former Persian breeder  (breeder of  GC, NW, RW Silverlace Laurel of Hen-de, CFA 18th Best Cat, Best Shaded Division, 1976 ) who after raising her son and retiring as a School Social Worker sought the opportunity to be re-involved in the cat fancy. In 2009, Kathleen started ForHim Birmans to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ who created these beautiful felines.
Beautiful Kittens
After some health issues with kittens emerged, Kathleen neutered and spayed all the kitties and started all over again in 2013 since health is our priority.

Kathleen is married to Jim and lives in Pagosa Spring, CO.
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